NYC Digital Taxi Tops

NYC Digital Taxi Tops

  • 300 Full-motion displays

  • 3,500 NIT screens-highly visible day & night

  • Geo-fencing and day-parting

  • Custom packages based on need and budget

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  • 45” HD LCDs provide premium branding experiences

  • Full-motion displays provide unparalleled creative capabilities

  • Geo-targeting and geo-fencing can help drive retail opportunities


  • NY Yellow Cabs concentrate in high-value, high-foot traffic areas with limited out of home coverage

  • Geotargeting opportunities include neighborhoods, retail locations, and airports


  • 45” diagonal

  • 3,500 NIT display - 10x brighter than an HD TV

  • Full-motion creative

  • GPS and continuous connectivity to the STRONG ad server

  • Enable highly sophisticated market targeting based on time of day, unit location, and targets

  • Marketers can update creative in real-time

  • Content changes are deployed to the network in seconds


  • Our 300 Digital Tops deliver 1.3M spots per day

  • 6.5M daily Impressions

  • The typical CPM is <$5